Monday, December 8, 2008

Took a break from watching the snowflakes fall...

There is no rhyme or reason for the colors or the layout of this page. Just couldn't find the right color to go with Miss Keira's shirt. So I played and played and then just stuck with this results. Can you tell I am bored watching it snow??? No big flakes yet but this is supposed to last into Tuesday night. Went to the store earlier picked up "essentials" soda, juice, cherry licorice whips, you know the things you have to have!!! In spite of my impending cold(thanks to Dear Hubby for sharing his) we managed to get the outside lights on the house. Still have some to put around the front door but that can wait. Will be spending tomorrow doing some inside decorating. Love decorating for Christmas, I would leave the stuff up all year if I could. Well I am off to watch the weather, oh by the way this is the third winter storm for us and it's name is "Carter" our weatherman has a strange sense of humor, we name our storms!!

credits- "simple pleasures" by elisa's bits

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