Saturday, December 13, 2008

I should have stayed home under the quilts......

I am such a lucky person, I have a Dear Loving Hubby who shares so much with me. He shares his time, his money(I like that), his love. He could have stopped at Love, but oh no, Hubby is way to giving...he also shares his colds!!!! I have been in the land of watery eyes, runny noses and now cold sores(anyone have a good recommendation on how to speed the demise of those little annoying things), I have 3 of them on my top lip,add to them the puffy red eyes and the red nose from blowing it so much and a beauty queen I am not.
On Wednesday, inspite of my cold, we had to make a trip to Green Bay. Had some important things to take care of, figured I could handle it.....oh way wrong!!!! By the time we got to Woodmans( big discount grocery store) any eye makeup I had, like a dummy put on, was now covering the Kleenex I had been using to wipe my watery eyes and runny nose! Dear hubby dropped me off there so he could run another quick errand, I tried following my list...not so easy to do when your eyes are blurry, and a freight train has decided to use your head as a speed route!! I was standing in an aisle wiping away at my eyes and nose, when this wonderful, well meaning lady came up and put her hand on my shoulder...." Oh my, Dear, is everything ok?, do you need some help?" (she thought I was crying) I quickly explained about the cold, thanked her for her concern, gathered my cart with 1/3 of the things on my list and made a dash for the checkout and the doorway to wait for Dennis. Oh, trips to Green Bay are so much fun!!
Like I said, the end of the cold is near. The freight train has left the station, watery eyes are drying up, cold sores are my only real reminder.
Today, I have so much to catch up on...decorating for Christmas, cleaning....oy vay!!!! But it will get done! I will fill the day with memories, all tho the ones I have from Woodmans should last awhile!!
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" find yourselves a nice cozy spot and savor every drop!!!
Hugs to you all!!! Stay warm and healthy!!! ( I borrowed Miss Scarletts Lysol and sprayed, so this should be germ free!!!)

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