Sunday, December 14, 2008

had this sitting on my hard drive for a couple weeks..

I can't believe how much this little guy has grown and changed. I love the look on his face. Sam and Daddy came over to drop something off the other day and because I was so sick, he had to stay outside in the car. When he saw me wave from the doorway, he kept reaching his hands towards me, Scott said he just kept saying "Nama, out" Well, I have alot of hugs saved up for him, on Christmas he will get them all!! Thanks for peekin' in
credits-"Little Star" kit by Andrea, the word art I am not sure.

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Elisa said...

Linda, thanks so much for your note, and for caring :) I have had some rough couple weeks, spent Thanksgiving and following days sick with a flu like cold. Then I tried to start catching up with all sorts of things, spent the past weekend in pre-Christmassy Chicago (was my hubby's and mine Xmas present for this year, just a bit early), and coming home ended up having caught a stomach virus that I'm now recovering from. Hey, things can only get better now, right?! :)
What a gorgeous new template you've set up here on your blog, love the lace and photos, too precious! And I'm glad you posted the LO you've had sitting on your hard drive, it is so pretty, love the extraction in the frame!
Take care, and stay safe, warm, and healthy... :)