Thursday, December 18, 2008

bit of love

Miss KBB, this morning when I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her she told me "A snowball" !!! I told her it would melt and she would only have water left, her answer...that's ok!
Tried to convince her to ask for a trip to somewhere warm, nope she wants a snowball!
Her and Mommy are going out to face the crowds this morning at the mall. Brave girl my daughter, one because it will be so crowded and two because the windchill this morning is -25.
And winter doesn't officially start till Sunday!!! Oh our next snowstorm is coming "Dawn" is it's name...we are getting closer to #12 and I am not a happy camper...
Credits-"celebrate_freebie_100" kit by CJ's, qp by me, wordart I found on digifree(can't remember whose it was)

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