Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm out......

actually been out for awhile, but my computer was not being the friendliest!!! Another story for another day. Yup that is me doing the door. Dennis came in about 20 minutes after I did my post. He needed my help for something outside and came looking for me.
I said before we are doing our first batch of syrup today and oh my goodness, that first batch is out of this world! We got 14 quarts and a pint. By the time the season is over we should have a total of about 40 to 50 quarts. We don't sell it or anything, we usually give it away. Email me your address and we will ship some out. We have already sent some to New Zealand, Nic and her family loved it and can't wait for the next package. LOL
Well, I am off to make supper and then spend a quiet night at home. If I come in here ...the door will remain open!!!

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