Saturday, March 22, 2008

Morning all....

I love the solitude of my office, the privacy, the quiet...when it is by my choice to be in here for awhile...but...
Conversation went like this about 2 days ago..
Loving wife(me)" Dear, the doors are sticking again, you might want to grab alittle WD40 and give the bolts a bit of a squirt"
Dear Hubby(Dennis) " It's out in the garage, I will bring it in next time I go out and take care of it for you"
Loving wife(me) " Thanks honey" and then Loving wife(me ) forgot the conversation, resting in the fact that Dear Hubby would take care of this minor household repair.
Loving wife should know better, she has lived with Dear Hubby for oh so many years now!
Dear Hubby is outside boiling sap for our first batch of maple syrup, he is WAY on the other side of the house. I am here in the office, I have downloaded some things, I have played some games, I have read blogs. My coffee cup is empty...why don't I go refill it you ask...........
Because coffee pot is in kitchen and Loving wife(??) is in the office with the door closed and stuck!!!!!! Door knob will not turn...needs to have some WD40 sprayed on it....oh my looks like someone forgot to spray it!!!
Ok get up off the floor from laughing, Loving(not so sure) wife now has to go potty!!! This is not turning into a good day by any standards. If Dear Hubby only takes the time to add some wood to the fire, it will be about 20 minutes, if Dear Hubby decides to go check for more sap....I will be in here for a bit longer ( meaning about an hour more)!!
Loving wife(not at this point) decides maybe now would be a good time to search for that charger again, or maybe check out games and learn how to play chess( I will most likely have enough time)
Well, this day has certainly started out giving me a memory(whether I wanted it or not) ... so you all go out and make some wonderful memories of your own. Hold onto those memories that you find, they are priceless!
As always Ladies....fill it to the brim...sit back...and then enjoy the moment!
Hugs to you all!

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