Saturday, March 22, 2008

An Easter Blessing to all of you...

This song is so special to me. Yes, for what it says..but also because it brings a smile to my face, a memory I hold deep in my heart. Every Easter morning my phone would ring and on the other end would be my sister Patti, singing ( in that wonderful voice only another sister could love) these words from that song. She never sang more of it, just these words. Now on Easter morning when my phone rings, I know it's my sister Bonnie, carrying on the tradition and singing these words. Patti sings in a different chorus now, and I'll bet her voice is one of the louder ones!
No matter what your faith or beliefs, please know that I wish you Blessings on this day.

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ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

What a precious memory you have of your dear sister and how wonderfully sweet of your other sister to keep it going. You talk of "a voice only another sister could love", that makes me smile, because I think I have one of those voices, too. lol Even though I sing in the choir at church, I don't think I sing that well, but I always say that God knows my voice, He's the one who gave it to me and I'm not singing to entertain anyone, I'm singing praises to my Lord.
I hope you had a very blessed Easter day. I did and YOU are one of my blessings, my friend.
Love you bunches,