Sunday, March 23, 2008

Miss Beira and Sam the Man, these two had fun today...I have a couple more pages I'm working on, will get them out later. We went to my daughter's house. Dan(my son-in-law) couldn't make it home, he is working out of state and only gets home a couple weekends a month. But we had fun and next weekend we are doing it again because my Mom and Sisters and everyone are coming up. You know what that means right....MORE CHOCOLATE BUNNY EARS!!!!! Have to tell you a quick story( Sorry Gracie, but it needs to be told)..a couple years ago my daughter Carin decided to have Easter. She had never made a ham before...well...the ham she bought was double wrapped in plastic....she got it ready and put it in the nesco roaster...when Dennis and I got there, of course he had to check out the ham....I don't think I have ever heard Dennis laugh so hard!!! Carin had taken one layer of plastic off the ham..but she thought for some reason the 2nd layer was supposed to stay on to keep the pieces of ham together. Dennis asked her if she had tried to save clean-up time by prewrapping the leftovers LOL She will never live that down. This year when she said she was having dinner, she informed Dennis that we were having his favorite..."Plastic coated Ham".!!! Hope all your Easters were filled with memories and smiles.
Hugs to you all!!!
credits- "espoir" kit by sylvie, frame and journal cluster by Misty Cato

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