Saturday, February 16, 2008

Morning Ladies......

From my past post, you all know that I can't bake! Nope, I make cookies called "sweet hockey pucks" The last cookies I tried were my Dear hubbies favorites, butterscotch chip. He loves them...them, not mine. I make "stone" cookies. A hammer or a diamond cutter would not make a dent in those cookies. Well, my Dear daughter felt sorry for Dennis after reading my post and made Dear hubby a batch of cookies. Ok, she had me for a role model, she grew up watching me bake....when and where did Carin learn to bake cookies???!!! All those times she said she was out with her friends was she really over at other Moms houses watching and learning how to bake from them?? I think maybe that's what it was. She gave Dennis a container full of the most wonderful butterscotch cookies, moist, soft, smell so good cookies. This was on Monday I had eaten 5 of them, Dear hubby only 2. He was savoring them and making them last. Well, on Tuesday morning he came in the office and handed me one of the cookies. Conversation went like this..
Dear hubby- here, this is for you
loving wife- why thank you, that was so sweet
Dear hubby- Yup, I know! I HID the rest!!
He did...he hid them. I have no idea where, not a clue! I saw him eating one last night, such a smile he had on his face. I will have to try harder to find where they are. According to Dear hubby, he hid them someplace I don't go into very often. hhmm, maybe I should check under the sink by the cleaning supplies! LOL
Did we all have a nice Valentines Day?? Such a loving Halmark holiday. Remember when you were dating your hubby and he gave you roses and chocolates. Maybe he even proposed on that special day and you got a diamond! Then you got married and you got roses or chocolates but not both. As the years went by the gifts for this day of love changed. Maybe perfume ( that you know he got on sale or that dreaded new kitchen item, a crockpot or mixer(well not in my case, a mixer would be a slight waste of money, me and baking ya know). Single girls, take note...there comes a time when gifts for this holiday change. Conversation on Valentines day...
Dear hubby- How about we go out for dinner tonight?
Loving wife- Oh how sweet, that's so nice! Where should we go?
Dear hubby- Green Bay, and oh by the way the Boat show is at the arena, we could stop in just for a few minutes to see what they have.
Loving wife(a little cautious) sure and dinner after right? Dear hubby- Right!....Scene changes to 3 hours into Boat show...
Dear hubby- wow some neat boats huh?
Loving(?) wife-oh yeah great boats! This being said while eating nachos w/cheese and a hot dog! It is now apparent that is our "Valentines Day Dinner" Oh, I almost forgot, he did give me chocolate. Well sort of. I gave him a small Dove chocolate heart. 10 minutes later, he walked up to me and handed me a Dove heart. Oh how nice you say...ladies it was the same one I had given him!! The art of regifting is not lost on my hubby!! It all ends well tho. We are still together, I still love him with all my heart, and life goes on!
Well, I am off to begin my day. Oh, a thought..Did you ever think about giving yourself a present? something that you knew in your heart would make you smile? I did that this morning, I gave my self a gift...I called a friend...!! It was wonderful, I laughed and my hubby said I was smiling the whole time. Everyone should do that, give yourself something that brightens your day. It can be, like mine a phone call or something as simple as 5 minutes more of sitting and enjoying a second cup of coffee. Enjoy your day Ladies, find some memories, tuck them safely away in your heart!
As always, fill it to the brim and then add just a little bit more for extra goodness! Love and hugs to you all! Always!!!!!

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