Friday, February 8, 2008

My Hero...

Growing up we all had Hero's, people we looked up to. I don't mean your parents(we all thought they were the best) They might have been movie stars or sports figures. I had mine, I wanted to be like Annie Oakley(yup I was a Tomboy) Back then it was easy to pick a hero, everyone was a good guy. The kids today have a hard time, good guys are not that easy to find. Movie stars, singers, even sports figures are into things we really don't want our children or grandchildren into. Maybe they have it to easy, these modern day hero's. I don't know.
Anyway, I have a hero. She has all the qualities that I would love to have in myself, or my children and grandchildren. She is our 3 legged baby. We saw her the first year we lived here. Her front leg was badly damaged and we didn't see much hope for her survival. This lady proved us wrong. She is now 4 years old and has had fawns two years in a row. My heart aches when I see her walking across the open field next to our house to get to our woods and the corn we leave for all the deer. She looks to be in such pain, but she keeps going.She is the first one in for corn and the last one to leave, she fights , kicking her one leg at another deer. She even managed to make a buck run away. You should see her run, wow is she fast!!She is strong, determined and brave. Life delt her a blow, but she didn't let it stop her, she kept going and has managed to survive against alot of odds. We have coyotes in our woods and how she has managed to avoid them, I don't know. When I see her come across that field each night, I say a silent thank you. Might seem funny or strange to some, that I think of this animal as a hero, but she has taught me that we are only as weak as we believe we are, we will fail if we don't keep trying. No one told this deer that she couldn't walk on three legs so she just does! Life has a nasty habit of kicking us in the butt once in awhile, it's how we deal with that kick that really makes us who we are. She has strength, hope, determination, like I said, qualities that I would want in myself or my children and thier children.
She is my hero!
By the way that is her fawn with her in that one photo. Sorry the shots are not so clear, they were taken through the patio doors and it is quite a ways to the area she was in.

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