Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is Saturday ..right??!!

I had a bit of a sinus infection the other day, better now..amazing what a little doze of medication will do!!
I have had Keira and Zack since Thursday night. My son-in-law works out of town and my daughter had the chance to fly out to where he is for a long weekend. I don't mind(being a grandma is a good thing) So my daughter packed up all the important things to bring here, you know, food, toys, books, a list of do's and don'ts and of course Keira's favorite BLANKIE, the one she won't sleep without! Oh wait...she FORGOT the BLANKIE!!!! Can we all say, NO SLEEP for Grandma!!! Keira finally went to sleep at about 8:30 Thursday night and of course Grandma stayed up...dumb!! At 2:36am Keira woke up!! She wanted no part of going back to sleep, she was up for the day. Did you all know that the Disney channel is on 24 hours a day, (I do now) Friday was interesting to say the least!!! We had errands to run, one of which was going to my daughters house to get that BLANKIE!!!!! Last night was good, Keira went to bed at 7, zack went to bed at 8 and Grandma at 8:15!!!! Grandma is refreshed and ready for the day.
In all this, I did manage to get some pictures( posting them later)
Well, I am off to start this day. You all enjoy yours! Fill them up with memories, that is what makes our hearts smile!!! Hugs to you all!
Love from a still alittle bit tired Grandma!!

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