Sunday, December 16, 2007

I learned a few things this weekend...

I learned that even when you think you have decorated your Christmas tree just as perfect as can be...a 17 month old can show you in a split second how to do it the right way! I tend to put soft, non-breakable objects on the bottom half, which is a good thing. Keira had a great time changing a few of them around. Really tho for the most part she just touched and kept saying "pretty" She was in awe of the lights more than anything. She would just hold the light between her fingers and just stare at it. I think I used the word "gentle" an awful lot this weekend.
I also learned the true value of a "blanky" There is absolutely no amount of money that I could be offered that would make me even remotely think of selling it. Nope, no way. Blankies are more valuable than gold, especially to a little one and her tired Grandma. I learned that big brothers are also priceless. Zack was so great with Keira, he was so patient and just super with her. I could see how much he loves her, and the nice thing..she loves him right back!
I did learn one thing that I really could have lived without learning..if you put your camera in the same bag as a sippy cup filled with white grape juice, and said sippy cup tips over...white grape juice "kills" your camera. Yup, it takes no prisoners, it just kills it! I have been hinting to all that I would like a new camera for Christmas...oh I hope someone was listening!!!!!
The last thing I learned after spending a weekend with these two wonderful little people, is that I am Blessed to the Max!!! I laughed more and smiled more in the last few days, than I thought possible, yes even at 2:30 in the morning watching Disney shows. I saw Joy and imagination thru the eyes of a 17 month old and a 9 year old and let me tell you , it was the most beautiful thing. Thank you Zack and Keira, Grandma loves you all the way to her soul.
credits- "Sugarplum Christmas" kit by jannidee


nic said...

Awww I agree! The kiddos are adorable - Merry Christmas to you all there in Wisconsin.

Penny said...

Cute kids for sure. Love your LO's as well. Merry Christmas!!