Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can you say busy....

It seems I have been anywhere but home lately !! I didn't start my Christmas shopping till this week Monday. I know bad planning on my part. So it's been running to GreenBay or into Shawano(a town not far from me) Besides shopping, I am getting the house ready for the family that will be coming this weekend. I think I mentioned before, we always have our family Christmas when ever my sister Bonnie and her Hubby Rich can get the time off. ( they are a doctor and a nurse, their schedules are never like the rest of the world) So this Saturday will be our Christmas. It's always fun tho. They stay overnight and it's just alot of laughter and good times. Last year Bonnie bought up some really good and really spiced egg nog. ( I don't drink normally, but....) let's just say after everyone else left, my two sisters and I had a really good time trying to do some stuff on the computer. We weren't drunk...just really really happy!! LOL
OH almost dear daughter Carin gave me an early Christmas present..Yup a new camera. It is so much smaller than my old one, and I am still getting used to it, but I love it!! Will post some photos when I get 5 minutes of nothing to do time LOL!
Speaking of time, I best get going, I am attacking the kitchen tonight.. and it's not a pretty site!!!
Oh, another thing before I go. I had to change my songs, sorry Johnny had to leave. It wasnt playing and when I went into esnips, it wouldn't let me download it. So, there is some Christmas music on there now. Also a beautiful song by Reba. Give a listen and enjoy!
Hugs to all of you, talk to you soon take care...Linda

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