Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yup, It's Saturday.....

My family will be here in about an hour or so. This is our family Christmas. It is the one day of the year that I look forward to more than any other. Not because of presents or whatever, but because it's the time that our family can be together to share smiles, laughter, and love that fills my heart to overflowing. Don't get me wrong, we are not some goody two shoes group of sweetness and light. Nope, there have been moments that if I told you, you would wonder why we are not all safely locked away to keep the general public safe. LOL
But behind some of the bad times that we have all gone thru, there is a base of love, unconditional love. It makes me smile when I think of spending this day with all of them. They are my life, my heart!
The food is all prepared, the lights are on inside and out. The house smells like Christmas and I am smiling. Tired, but smiling!!

What ever all of you do today, take a few minutes to look around, see family, if they are there, or photos filled with smiles and laughter. Look inside your hearts and see all that is really important in your life. You might be going thru a hard time, or feeling just alittle out of sorts..but if you will be amazed at just how Blessed you are! Take those few minutes to Smile and be oh so Thankful!
Hugs and Love to each of you as you go about your day. Love you all Bunches and then More Bunches!! Consider yourselves all Hugged big time!!!

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