Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Saturday Morning

I went to bed relativly early(11:52pm) last night and that was a good thing. Today is opening day of the gun deer season in Wisconsin. Oh joy! LOL

For those of you married to a hunter you know, for those thinking of marrying a hunter, PAY ATTENTION!
It (the season) starts weeks before the actual day. It starts with Hubby scouting the area( it's our backyard for crying out load, how much does he have to scout?) but he takes daily trips to the back of our land, checking for deer sign(that's another word for poop ladies! He also looks for "rubs" The sign of a male deer(a buck) that has marked his territory. Kind of like when in a singles bar and a guy sits down next to you to keep other guys away. Marking his territory! This time of year for deer it is called The Rut. All those bucks looking for a female doe, with one thing on thier minds, guess that's kind of like a singles bar too, a half hour before closing time. Oh gosh, warped mind this morning, but it was the only thing I could think to compare it to. Anyway... Hubby spent last night getting all his gear together, making sure he has everything in it's place for the morning. Then there are the rules...I love burning candles, I have them all over in, what I consider nice scents..Oh no, we can't burn candles(unless they smell like a female deer) because the scent will get on his hunting clothes. Will a deer really notice if my hubby smells like "Grandma's Christmas Kitchen" ?? I guess!!?? Now it's morning and he gets ready, again a rule, don't make coffee, you got it, because of the smell. Please, the dogs woke me up at 5:30am, I need that coffee!! But I wait. Now he is in the "Woods" (again, that is our backyard!) Sitting in a tree stand, waiting for that buck to come close enough. Me, I am enjoying my coffee, burning my candles, and enjoying my Saturday morning.
So Ladies, enjoy your Saturday, fill it to the brim, there are 86,400 seconds available in this day, make each one of them count!
( For those of you that are against deer hunting, let me tell you, I love watching a deer in the field, they are the most beautiful animal. We have one that comes around with only 3 legs( it was born that way, we saw it first as a fawn)She is off limits to every hunter around here, they know to leave her alone, she is now 4 years old and has babies of her own. I look forward every year to my first sighting of her. I could never shoot a deer. But when winters are long and cold and lots of snow, the deer can starve which is really bad. My Hubby is a good hunter, he is careful and he does know what he's doing(most of the time). He would never shoot a deer just to shoot it, he has spent many opening days, just watching the deer, or taking photos of them.)

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

Oh Linda, I can relate to this. Been there, done that. Thank heavens I don't have to go through it any more. I had 3 brothers, two cousins, a husband & a son(in fact my son is in Michigan now Deer hunting)that hunted, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, pheasants,deer etc.. Oh the life of a hunters wife. I feel your pain.