Monday, November 12, 2007

Your not going to believe this but...

Dennis was out bow hunting behind the house this morning and the dogs started barking, I thought maybe he was coming in early. Nope!!! This is what was standing by our bird feeders. I quickly got the dogs away from the patio door and grabbed my camera. I could not believe my eyes, that little TN Gobbler was in my backyard. There were two more but they were down further on the path going into the woods. Well, at least we know the Gobbler is safe for now. Sorry Gerri!

credits-frame and background done by me in Photoscape program

1 comment:

Gerrisscrapblog said...

Do you mean to tell me that Dennis didn't rope one of them for me?
And all you did was take a picture.
Boy am I disappointed.
I quess the great Rambo Turkey hunter will have to come there & show you how it is done.
Looks like I'll be eating pork & beans for Thanksgiving dinner.