Monday, October 8, 2007

It's not my job!!!

How did my hubby losing the charger for "his" camcorder become my job to find it?? If your married you will know that the question I just asked is redundant! If your not married, you will understand someday!
Dennis(hubby) is going on a duck hunting trip on Friday, they are going to Devils Lake North Dakota. He will be gone a week and wants to of course take video of their adventure. He has known about this trip for about 4 months.....So now he needs to find the charger??!!

He is convinced that he put it in a box with some Christmas items that I had in my office. Why??
Ladies that box is in a closet with all sorts of Christmas boxes( yes, I over decorate for Christmas, have way to much stuff) Dennis asked me oh so politely to FIND THAT CHARGER!!!
I am half way thru the boxes, my office looks like the North Pole exploded and I have not seen anything that remotely looks like a charger. What is dear hubby doing while I am sorting thru said boxes you ask... he is in the garage sticking weed grass in the slots of a duck blind. A duck blind that he bought brand new, then covered it in mud, then rinsed it off so it would look old. Again if your not married or not married to a hunter you will not even begin to understand that one.
About every 30 minutes he comes in and asks so nicely HAVE YOU FOUND IT YET! Hey buddy I didn't lose it!!! Yup that was my last reply to him. Just as nicely!
I will most likely find the charger in the last box I open, right where he put it..again Why??!! Dennis will be happy and all will be right with the world.
Oh, by the way, I did find a box of old family photos, woohoo! I am a happy camper, old photos and Friday is only 4 days away. LOL
Wish me luck, I'm going back into the boxes!
For the unmarried ladies who are thinking, oh my is this what marriage is like. Yup sometimes, but I love my hubby dearly and after 31 years it's all good!


Gerrisscrapblog said...

I'm laughing so hard at this, because it is so true. Believe me after 45 years with my Husband I can attest to everything you say.
So as Linda says all you single ladies BEWARE your time will come.
My husband & I go through this every year at tax time. All I hear is where did you put this & where did you put that, when I never even seen it. Men, can't live with them & can't live without them.

Judys scraps said...

Awww LInda, I am not married to a hunter but my daughter I am learning. I love your storys. Keep them coming...Love ya Judy

gg said...

This sounds so much like our house, I can't believe it!! "You must have thrown it out!!" "No, I didn't throw it out...I would never throw anything of yours out!" (although I'd sure like to!) He's finally admitting that he can't even see things that are right under his nose.

You have a wonderful time scrapping etc. while he's gone. You can stay up all night now rather than just half the night! I know you miss him are covered!!!