Thursday, October 4, 2007

My new job title

A few of you know that my hubby Dennis is my own personal Martha Stewart. He cans our vegies, he makes maple syrup(that is awesome by the way) makes apple juice, and different kinds of jellies and jams,salsa, spagetti sauces. Well...he decided to try his hand at raising chickens. No not the egg laying kind, that would be to easy...He decided to raise feeder chickens. The kind that start out cute and yellow and end up so big they can hardly walk to the food. They are called CornishCross chickens. A special breed that gets really good sized. Well today was the day.....

Two of our really good friends came over to help. They are old timers who have done this kind of thing lots of times. Me, I remember my grandmother doing this but I was only a little kid, thought it looked neat. (warped I know) They really do run around ya know!!

Things went fine tho, we managed to do half the chickens today, the other half next week.(we have 30 of them)

NO there will be no pages of my newest occupation, I hid the camera, took the batteries out just in case he found it. Use your imagination ladies...For today I became "A Chicken Plucker"!!!!


angelscrapper said...

you are too funny Linda, and I remember doing it and now wouldn't think of doing it again. I eat chicken but from the store, that way I don't have to think about what you did today, LOL

Judys scraps said...

Oh my Linda, I grew up on a farm and I remember the headless chickens running around...the plucking was not fun...all that scalding hot water the feathers smelled awful!!