Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We(I) did not find the elusive charger. Now we(hubby) is convinced that we(I) must have accidentally tossed it out. One really good thing that came from the closet in the office is totally cleaned. The closet is a double door thingy, one side is all Christmas(plus the shelf up above) the other side is crafty things. I used to paperscrap and do stamping, so I had supplies from that in there. They are now going to my daughters house because she is into stamping(cards and such) . I also used to make what my hubby called Popeye dolls.( Ok so they had big arms) but they were cute. See for yourself. I wish I could still do them, but my hands don't work so good sometimes. I loved making them and every once in awhile I do try and put one together. I didn't part with those things, I want to try and make one for Keira.

Enough... back to the charger...Hubby is going to borrow our daughters camcorder(she knows about the "lost" charger) so she said he could use it if he put a $50 deposit down on all parts and accessories LOL!!! He was not amused!! I was!!!!

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