Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another snowy cold Spring day....

I saw this morning someone had come up with a new season for us here in Wis...."Sprinter" yup...sounds about right! We had about 3 days of 50* weather and now gone!! Had brown grass and mud starting to show and now have everything covered by white stuff again! Now if this was November I would be happy but hey Mother Nature it is the 17th of April here!!!
All this bad weather tho has allowed me to spend time on the computer learning how to do new stuff woohoo. I am slowly learning how to make brushes ... that pink area behind the photo is actually a brush I made. I am not real good yet but if the weather keeps up...well I can only get better. I used a kit by Kyra called "Beyond Time" awesome designer that lady, thanks to her for sharing!
I want to wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter....for all I am Thankful for this time of year, you are all up at the top of my list.
Well I best go see if Hubby needs anything (right!!) and then start my day....
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" with chocolate bunnies, peeps, jelly beans and most important the knowledge of what these next few days are all about.... Hey Ladies God loves you and so do I!!!!!!

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smiekeltje said...

Such a sweetie!!!
Sad to hear you are thrown back in season again, hope it will be the last of winter now!
Yes, we have some chocolate eggs ( a whole sack of 1 kilo LOL), but we should also remind ourselves what Easter is about, yes.
Have a Blessed and joyful Easter, dear.