Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I can hear....

Between your birthday and Easter...I am not sure which you loved more LOL...I am leaning towards Easter!! I close my eyes, I hear you smile. When Bonnie closes her eyes and listens, she hears you singing " Christ the Lord is risen today" Your favorite Easter song. You had alot of favorites Kiddo....in fact just about everything made you smile (well except for bad drivers..you had a special word for them LOL)
Gosh, I cant believe it will be 19 years in June. Time does not make it easier Kiddo, it just makes it different. I do think of the what if's...the might have beens..cant help that. When that happens my tears are sad ones. I also think of the good times, the laughter, the pure Joy of a moment... and then my tears are happy ones. Funny how tears work huh? They say time changes everything....nope....some things time does not touch....the fact that you are my Sister , I love you, and a whole heart full of memories ...  time cant even put a dent in that!

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