Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring has sprung in the northwoods!!!

I am so glad.... feel so much better in the morning when I look out and see grass turning green and flowers actually popping up instead of snowflakes falling down on a white covered ground!!!! oh yes happy person here (of course warm weather means my friends are coming...wood ticky ticks and bees) oh well!!
Been busy cleaning windows and thinking about raking flower beds (notice I said thinking) also been playing more on the computer. I did some qp's again, different kind, hope you like them. I seem to have gotten away from wordart and I so want to get back into that. Brain seems to have a lapse in creativity right now but it will come. in the mean time, here are two pages I worked on.

Well, have windows to open and laundry to hang outside (oh yes, sheets smell so good after a day on that clothes line. So you all have a great day...make some memories my friends. As always "Fill it to the Brim" you never know what's in that next drop!!
love and hugs...Always


smiekeltje said...

Glad to hear you also have better weather. It's so nice, to be able to open doors and windows, to do some work in the garden and see it all grow.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Love both of these pages...very pretty.
Happy Mother's Day to you and THANK YOU for my new look, love it and the colors are perfect...2 of my favorite colors together! Hugs from me and the girls too!