Friday, April 5, 2013

Going to miss you Lee...

You all know Hubby is doing syrup again this year. Well on Tuesday we took a ride over to Lee and Norma's, Lee is the guy who got Dennis started on the syrup. They are also the couple who would come every year and help with those "flippin Chickens". We needed to borrow a small propane stove for doing the last bit of boiling on the syrup before canning it. Lee had made a homemade stove just for that(very talented man) anyway we spent some time there talking and laughing, everything was fine. On Wednesday we were gone most of the day, but later Dennis tried calling Lee to ask him a question about the sap, no answer and that was unusual because they were always home in the evenings. Thursday I was on the phone with my sister and saw that a call was coming from Lee, by the time I clicked over it was to late. Tried calling and it was busy so thought I would try them later.
Thursday night I was talking to Miss G and got another call from Lee and Norma....same thing clicked over but they had hung up. Called back and got a busy signal for like 20 minutes..... finally rang and when Norma answered I made a small joke about playing phone tag with Lee....Norma said no it was her calling and she wanted us to know that Lee had passed away early Thursday morning. He had gone into the hospital early Wednesday morning after not feeling good Tuesday night. They did a heart cath and found that one side of his heart was completely blocked.. somehow while taking the cath out or something, a calcified something broke loose and traveled to his brain. They told Norma there was nothing they could do and gave Lee 24 to 36 hours....Lee died 24 hours later in his sleep. Dennis and I were both in shock, we still are. Lee was a big man, booming is the word I quess, but gentle and caring. Always ready to help anyone and never asking for help himself. He always made me laugh. We had this private joke about a broom and it always made me laugh. He used to tease Dennis about being a "flatlander" (anyone south of Green Bay was a flatlander as far as Lee was concerned) and because Lee wore a hearing aid, Dennis would always ask him if he had his "ears" on when he would call him. Lee would laugh and say only if you got something important to say!!
 He was a friend...he was a friend...I don't know how else to describe him....he will be so missed by Dennis and and so many others. Wish I had a photo of him but Lee didn't like his picture taken, said he didn't want to make others jealous...
So to Lee I say I will never pick up a broom without smiling and Dennis wants you to make sure you keep your "Ears " turned on because he will still be asking for your advise.

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Kyra said...

Linda, I feel so guilty. Somehow I just missed this post. I will have to put it on my readers list on my blog, so I will not miss anything again.

It is already a couple of weeks ago, but so sad to hear you have lost a good friend, so suddenly.
One thing is making it a tiny little bit easier, it seems he didn;t suffer very much. But still the fact remains, a good friends has passed away, and that hurts, always!
My sympathies and belated thoughts, sorry for that, are for his family and for you.
I think Lee felt a bit the same about taking pictures of him just like my hubby. Very hard to get him on a photo too.
But you will have his picture and lots of good memories in your heart.

I feel so terrible, that I didn;t react sooner on this so sad post, please forgive me.