Monday, March 18, 2013

My Grandma Sam

This photo was so badly yellowed and scratched, but I did my best to make it at least a bit better. My Grandma, what a lady. I have to say, she baked and cooked omg so good!!! Ya know I just thought of something, I never remember her making cookies...Nope but other stuff oh yes! She was Bohemian and she would bake so many different sweets, and cook oh yes...I grew up eating things like chicken and rice ( Bohemian style), creamed beans, and fleejkee(not spelled right I am sure) but it is diced ham, egg noddles and sauerkraut! Don't knock that till you try it, hot or cold!! She had long hair, down to her knees almost, that she wore in a braid wrapped so neatly around her head. I remember watching her every night as she would comb that braid out and then braid it into one single braid for sleeping. She was not even 5 ft tall and had such a quick wit. Her and my Grandpa had such a good marriage. They would tease each other and pretend to be mad, but would always laugh. I spent all my summers up there, between them and my Mom's parents. I was truly blessed!!!


smiekeltje said...

Your grandmother looks as a really sweet lady!
And how wonderful you have lots of good memories of her.
She sounds to be a little like my mother, with her cooking ability, and her quick wit, sense of humor and all. It must be something in the genes of the East European people, don;t you think so?
I am sure your grandmother would have a good solution for your stomach trouble, she would find a recipe of something to preprare that you had to swallow and tadaaa, the next day it would be gone LOL!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

What wonderful memories! Glad you could restore the photo. Isn't Photoshop wonderful for that? Lovely page and post! Here's hoping you and yours have the most BLESSED of Easter Weekend! Hugs from the clan! LOL! Mat