Saturday, January 5, 2013

OK i am here and....

now I can't post any pictures!!! What...why!!! Will have to do some checking on that!
Had a quiet day, did some odds and ends here in the computer room and then put some Tuscana soup together to simmer on the stove....OMG that is some good stuff. Thanks Mat for the recipe. So a bowl of soup, some crusty bread and yup...I am a happy girl.
Packers are on TV tonight, I was watching for a bit.....they were not doing good...I left the room..They got a touch down. Go figure!
Well ladies, I have some odds and ends to do, I want to check out why I cant post pictures... so will cut this short....
As always "Fill it to the Brim"every drop counts Honest!!
Love and Hugs....Always

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