Saturday, June 2, 2012

The pretty colors are almost gone

all that remains is a few stragglers and some "ow..don't touch spots" but I guess when you fall straight down on a metal/wood boot scrapper and you break can expect a few ow's and ouches!! I do have a big area the lenght of my shin that is red and hard and believe it or not peeling!! Yup, word is I might have actually burned it. Not with heat but with the ice pack. I did have it wrapped in a towel, but towel was thin and I fell asleep for about 30 minutes which is way to long to leave it on. When I woke up area was hard and cold and numb!! So now I have to pick up some silverdene to see if that helps.
I can walk, nothing really hurts (except that red spot) and Hubby put a railing on the side of the porch!!! That alone might be worth the fall....NOT!!!!!
I have still been watching Sam the Man but he has been so good. They are getting ready to move in a couple weeks so I had Sam spend the day yesterday, packing all his little matchbox trucks and cars...he has alot!!!  Speaking of Sam, his birthday is Sunday, he will be 5. Wow time just went by on that one! He was my early birthday present that year.
Other than that I have been taking it easy. Dear Hubby has learned how to cook a few things, even managed to follow a recipe LOL There is hope for the man yet!!!
Well dear friends I best be off here and sitting on the couch for a bit. Might make some memories, not sure yet.
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" never let one drop go to waste, they are all precious!
Hugs and Love always !!

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Sissy Susi said...

Hi Sissy! You can tell you don't feel good and your leg hurts!!! You need to update everyone on just how "oweeee, oweeee" your leg is. I feel so sorry for you. It'll be better soon, promise. Love you Big Sissy!
Little Sissy.