Sunday, April 15, 2012

While waiting for the storms to come....

thought I would catch up on some pages. At Christmas, I had used this photo to make a framed page for my sisters, but never used it for one for me (seems I do that alot) any way...story about the photo, I was going thru some boxes in the office closet(yes the one that is filled to the brim) and found an old slide. Now you know that's old cus they don't do slides anymore do they? It was this photo, I took it to Walmart and they printed it for me, even gave me extra because they didn't like how they turned out...hey I was happy!! In the photo..Top row- me, my Dad, my Mom Bottom row- Susi, Patti, and Bonnie. This was taken at my Grandma's, I know cus those are pine trees that lined the whole yard.
Photo is important because its the only one I have of all of us and  I don't remember any more being taken of all of us like this. My Mom and Dad were divorced when I was 11 and Life changed. For the good I think. Anyway, not going there...would need a counselor LOL
Like I said storms are heading our way today, bad ones from what they said..hope not..I am not fond of tornadoes, wind and hail!! Nope.
Will chat with you all later...Have a great Sunday Love and hugs always

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