Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hard to see..sorry, but this is a new beverage that I found at wally world the other day....oh really good. I like flavored water but always missed the fizz part. This is spring water and carbonated...oh what a combination!!! I go between the Lemon-Lime and the Black Raspberry. Really is worth trying if you find it. I do drink waaaay to much diet Pepsi and well this is better for me I know!!
Not much new and exciting in this part of the world. The temps dropped to oh so cold and now today we are back in the 70's....Monday cold again...go figure.
You know how you all call dear Hubby "Farmer McBrown" well this past week he got a taste of being a farmer hehehehehe...He helped a good friend of ours with some corn bushels he was having hauled. Dennis came home so stiff and sore. And you ask did I have sympathy for the dear man....Well yes, I did wait about an hour to ask if we were putting in a garden this year hehehehehe
I Bad!!!!!  And no, this year no flippin chickens and no garden. Oh we will can those flippin red things but I am thinking we will be getting them from someone else and the chickens, with the cost of feed, it is cheaper to buy them from the Amish.
Well Ladies, I have some Susi Homemaker things to take care of and I best get at them. Hope you get out to make some memories today.
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" then sit back and let the bubbles tickle your heart!!
Love and hugs always!!!!!

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