Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 saturdays in a row Wow!!

Can't stay long tho, have laundry going and I am thinking about rearranging the living room. I do that alot once in  awhile!! LOL right now Hubby and 4 pups are relaxing in there so it might be awhile.
Well, summer didn't last long.....back to March temps again, it was 80* plus the other day and now it's 50*, which is still above normal but hey the furnace kicked in last night..not good! Put front line on all the pups to help keep those wood ticky tickies away from them. Found one on Mo's ear and Dennis found one on (well I cant tell you where) LOL so they are out and active. Oh yes ticks, bee's, wasp's, the joy of warm weather. I am not impressed!!!!!
Have Scott, Holly and Sam the man coming for dinner Sunday, found a great recipe for chicken breast wrapped in puff pastry.....they will all be my guinea pigs hehehehe!!  Am I making dessert you ask casually.........Excuse me!!!....Why of course.....out of a box and I dont have to go anywhere near an oven with it!!
The page above is Zack taken last year, just a hint of a smile. I guess when you are a 13 year old boy, smiling is not always on your list of things to do....caught between a kid and an adult...not a fun place to be. I used a kit by Pam Lefors called "Moments like this" Might be one of her older ones not sure.
Ok, I hear the washing machine telling me to get up off my behind and get busy so I am off to make memories, do the same K?
As always dear ladies " Fill it to the Brim" even if you only have a few will be the best few seconds ever!!!
Hugs and Love always!!

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