Monday, October 24, 2011

Halli (Haley)

Did I ever tell you all that I am afraid of dogs?? yup, me the lady who ended up with 5 Labs. Oh we had dogs when I was growing up, but for some reason when I got older dogs and me did not get along. Might be because I was bitten by a couple(the kind that the owner would say"Oh he's friendly, wont hurt you) I have the scars to prove otherwise. But then I met Halli, she was a soft fur ball of love, (the fact that she was a "flatlander*" puppy didn't bother me at all. She rode on my lap all the way home that day, curled up in a ball, content as could be. Sweet puppy I kept thinking, I also have pj's with holes in the pant cuffs to proof that she thought I was her own personal chew toy. That changed tho and as much as Dennis thought she would be his great bird hunting dog(which she was) she became my girl. She was not afraid of the sound of a gun...but one clap of thunder would have her running to my side. Labs are supposed to love water and Halli did, but drop and she would not go outside no matter how badly she had to go, and wet grass, oh my goodness!! She would lift her feet up like she was walking on hot coals!! When Zack was born he had jaundice and had to be on a billy blanket, he was also so small so when we had him in the living room he slept in a wooden doll crib, Halli would sit with her nose on the edge of that crib and the minute Zack stirred she would come and get us, no barking just come and get us. She loved Zack, he could do anything to her and he usually did LOL they shared so much infact even a pacifier one time LOL!! She was my foot warmer on many cold nights and her tail, my fan on some hot days. She was my friend.
Today life has gone full circle, I took her home again, not her whole body curled on my lap, but her head gently laying in my lap. Today she truly went home. 14 years is a long time for a Lab, she was tired, her legs were stiff with pain and watching her try to walk was not good. She was almost blind and would get confused sometimes, but her never stopped wagging. I always said she was my old soul puppy, such a gentle dog, she was my friend.
I am sorry this is long, but believe me if I had written everything I am feeling it would be longer.
Good bye Hallibean, go chase some ducks....and stay out of the rain.
* (flatlander is what we call anyone from Illinois, just in case you were wondering)

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Sissy Susi said...

I will forever love you Hallie Bean, just like I said on the phone to you Monday before you went "home" to play with Patti, Tucker and Pudge...Muffi, too. Miss you so much, were ALWAYS my favorite and my heart hurts without you...