Sunday, September 18, 2011

It was a long Saturday

After the game on Saturday we went over and got Sam and the day....well it just got away from us. LOL Zack's game was great as always. His team is doing awesome. In the page above there are 3 photos I took of him. He is the tallest on his team and is a lineman. They won't let him be a running back or a receiver because he is so tall and with his long frame and speed, well lets just say the other teams would not stand a chance!! LOL He has grown so much, gotten to be such a good looking young man ( yup and that comes with girls(lots of girls) calling or wanting his attention) He is still my Bub, and still holds such a big place in my heart!!
He is also at that "wonderful " age of not quite a teen but not a kid either...oh that brings such Joy to his Mom...not!!
Sam was such fun to have for a visit, he is now in 1/2 day 4K and he loves it. Made lots of friends and thinks his teacher is cool. He must also be going thru a growth spurt because he almost finished off a whole pizza for lunch by himself!!
Scott came and got him later in the day and by then I just wanted to sleep!! Sorry I didn't get back in here sooner.

Oh by the way Dear Hubby has a new pastime!!! conversation 2 years ago...
Dear Hubby- " I would like to buy a duck boat, you know with the grass stuff on it, they are only a couple thousand dollars"
Loving Wife- "What are you nuts?? you have 3 small boats out there that I bet you could make into one yourself and it would be alot cheaper"
Hubby- " Too much time and work" (NO we did not buy a duck boat)
Conversation 2 weeks ago....
Dear Hubby- " Hey guess what I just saw on TV? A place where I could get the instructions to build a duck boat, It sounds like a great idea and cheaper than buying one"
Wife- No you do not want to hear exactly what I said
So now 2 weeks later hubby has a duck boat in the garage. He really did do a good job on it....only one problem.....while working on it he of course had the sides up so he could attach the long marsh grass to them.....I quietly asked " What happens when you close it down for trailering?
Hubbies answer..." Not sure, I haven't tried closing it yet!!!!!"
Will post photos later!!

Well my friends it is time to get some stuff done around here so I best be gettin'
As always Dear Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" then sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy the view!!
Hugs and Love always!!!!!

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