Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The " Duck Boat"

Bet you were all thinking it was a boat shaped like a duck right??!! Nope! I have to say when my Dear Hubby sets his mind on something, he does do it pretty good!
1. He measured the boat and took straight galvanized pipe and bent it to form the shape he needed. (no not by hand, with a tool made for bending pipe that he borrowed from a friend)
2. On the one side he attached Tyvek ( made for wrapping a house to keep moisture out) He did this to provide a sort of wind break.
3.The marsh grass goes on. He attached about 24 feet of this stuff.
4. He still has to attach some grass to the one end fitting around the boat motor, but so far it is about what he wanted...... well no, he wanted the $4500.00 boat already done, but that wasn't gonna happen in my life time!!
He is going duck hunting this weekend and because he has been spending every minute working on this thing...(and not doing much else around here) I asked if the boat would be done in time........ His answer......"Oh I am not using it this weekend, I wont need it till maybe the following week when I hunt around here!!!
Loving wife just turned around, shook her head and walked back into the house mumbling something under her breath!!!

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