Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess who turned 5 yesterday?????

Not sure where the years went!! She has grown up so fast and I am amazed everyday at the things she says and does!! An example of a conversation with Miss KBB....
(I didn't call her right away yesterday, I wanted to wait till later in the day when I knew Mommy would be home) so...
Me- " Hi Beira"
KBB- " Isn't there something you want to talk to me about Grandma"
Me- " well yes (and then I sang Happy Birthday to her)
KBB- "giggles" Thank you, Grandma how do you make 5's?? I am practising and I could do it before but now they look like S'es" ( so I kind of explained how to do it)
KBB- "ok but that doesn't sound right, I will do it my way"
It has been so hot here so we are waiting till Thursday to get together for a Birthday cookout(praying the weather gets a bit nicer) today they said its the worst in about 15 years. Heat index over 115!!!! Our thermometer on the deck says 100 right now....Carol make room I am packing my bags, Gerri pick me up on your way thru ok??!!

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