Saturday, June 18, 2011

A prayer for my Mom

Sorry, not alot of rambling today. My Mom went in the hospital on Wednesday because of really high blood pressure. She also got put on oxygen because of a problem with breathing. Today they finally got everything back to normal ( a change in meds is what they had to do) needless to say I have had a bit on my mind. Keep her in your prayers my friends, I want her better and home!!
We have Zack this weekend, he just decided coming for a visit was a good thing. heheheh little did he know I would put him to work helping me do some things around the house!!
Ok ladies this is short and I apologize but we have a friend stopping over in a few minutes and I, well right now I look like &^&%%$*!!! (read between those lines LOL)
Make memories ladies, make them last, hold them oh so close!!!
As always dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" enjoy every sip, have seconds if you's your day you can do what your heart wants to do!!!
Love and hugs to you all....Always!!!

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