Saturday, May 14, 2011

At least it's not raining yet

We have had a bit if rain lately, tho not as much as places down south. The grass is finally green, and the wild flowers are growing in the woods around our house. A trillion trillium's LOL!!!
Want to let you all know that Dennis is still having some problems but hopefully we will get answers we need soon. He had another MRI on Friday, this time on his back. Something somewhere has to give us answers!!! We have been to enough Doctors lately!
Speaking of Doctor visits..... hehehehe. Dennis had to go to a yearly checkup with one from Shawano and of course after the appointment he wanted to go to Navarino wildlife area to see how much water was down there (it's a hunting area for deer, ducks and turkeys even) well, as we drove down one of the roads I spotted a family of Canadian geese...Mama, Papa and 5 cute little babies...we came to a stop to let them cross the road and we were going to watch them go out into the water. Mama was fine, babies were fine but Papa...Not so fine!!! He bent his neck down and did that hissing sound, what an attitude!! I had the window rolled down and quickly shut it as he walked towards the van. He was not afraid of the van at all, he got in front of the van and the next thing we knew he was up by the windshield and then up on the roof of the van, pecking at it and hissing. Let me tell you if you have never seen a goose spread eagle on your windshield, you are missing out!! They are BIG!!! He came down after a few minutes and walked back over by his family, we decided that was a good time for us to get out of there. That was either the dumbest goose or the bravest, I am not sure yet LOL
Well ladies we have company coming next week, a friend of ours and 2 of his daughters are coming up to turkey hunt so I have a house to clean and I best get at it. Take some time today to make some memories, it will be fun!!
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" sit back put your feet up and simply savour every second!!
Hugs and love always

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