Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sapping time is about done for the year

Hubby is outside cooking down the last patch for this year. The weather is turning warmer(like 45 is warm right?) during the day which helps to make the sap run but it has to get colder at night, which thankfully it isn't anymore (knock on wood) So today he will be taking the taps out of the trees, plugging the holes with dowels (so the tree doesn't die I think) and calling it done. One more batch to cook in the kitchen and then I can totally scrub the floor in there, there tends to be sticky stuff in places I cant believe!! LOL Hubby also said he will take a year off from gardening and flippin chickens this year too!! Will believe that when I see it LOL We had Sam the Man for an overnight visit on Thursday, Daddy is standing up in a wedding this weekend in Milwaukee, so we had Sam until Friday and the his other Grandma has him till Sunday night. The pups sure do love him, with all the licks and kisses they were giving him, I have a couple pics of him and them and will get them on here later. I am off to Shawano later today, time to get my hair cut, it is getting way to long...also way to gray!!! Thinking about coloring it "EEK " I have not thought about coloring the gray until now. Saw a picture of me and it looked like I had a brown cap on my head. LOL My hair is only really gray on the sides anyway it looked weird! really wierd!! So what color ladies???? should I do that purple thing that some do?? or maybe a nice platinum blond?? hehehehe!! maybe just light brown huh?? Well Ladies the pups are wanting to go out and I am in charge of them while Hubby is taking care of the sap so I best do my thing with them. Might make some memories today, hope you do to! As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" the overflow?? just enjoy every last bit!!! Hugs and love to you all....Always

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