Sunday, March 27, 2011

You'd think the house was spotless by now right!!!

Nope not quite! LOL we did do some cleaning in the morning and just when I thought I could come in here well, Scott called and asked if he could bring Sam the Man over for awhile (they had an engagement party to go to) so yup Sam came for a visit and all thoughts of getting my ramblings done went out the window. I spent the rest of the day watching various Scooby Do movies and playing with trucks and cars. Sorry Ladies ramblings took 2ND place to Sam.

Speaking of windows (hehehehe) these photos are views out my patio door and my front window. See the brown muddy grass?? I was starting to not mind the muddy footprints from the puppies, now they are gone, replaced by snow prints!!! In a matter of hours the other day we went from Spring to Winter!! Dennis measured in a flat area of the yard and it measured 20 inches, no you did not read that wrong, I did say 20!!! He did try using the 4wheeler with the plow, but that lasted an hour and then he got stuck. We had to wait till a good friend could come and use his big plow to open the driveway up. He came a day later. Good thing we didn't have to go anywhere, even the 4 wheel drive Ridgeline would have had a hard time getting thru this stuff! That one hot day in August??? well it might be hot but I am thinking there might also still be a couple snow drifts hanging around too!!!

I thank you all for trudging thru the snow to stop by for a visit. Yes Miss Carol, we will try to keep the snow here and not send you any, Miss Scarlett I thawed the Julep out and it was awesome!! Miss Sylvia, I am so glad Jack has been found, what an adventure he must have had! Miss Gerri, yup syrup still be made. Of course Famer McBrown had to empty the snow from the buckets and start over, but it has started dripping again so batch #2 will be started this week.

Well Ladies, I have to get in the shower and then head to the store for a few things so I best get my act together. Hope you all made memories yesterday and that you put them somewhere safe.

As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" and that bit that spills over...that might be the best part!

Hugs and love to you all.....Always

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Linda Rook said...

Dear Linda, I have so enjoyed my visit to your blog. I love your creative style both in design and writing. You are truly blessed.