Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Been busy doing nothing again

with the snow still outside, it's hard to get in the "yippee it's spring " mood around here. I start doing some spring cleaning and then decide nope not in the mood yet. So instead I either read or play with the computer. This picture I took of Miss KBB quite awhile back but wanted to try a new wordart and this was the perfect picture.

Got some news from my Mom the other day, she has to have a pacemaker put in. Her ejection fraction is 25%, that is way low!! So on the 18th of April she goes in for that. I will be making a trip down to be there that day. Say a few prayers Ladies, she is not the healthiest right now so this is kind of scary.

Then the other day Carin called to tell me she had to go for an MRI today. Her left knee has been bothering her and the doc thinks it could be a torn Meniscus (not sure I spelled that right) with a 6 week if not more recovery time from that type of surgery, well school, kids and all that she does... she is not a happy camper. Praying that it is the torn thing and nothing more for her.

Life has a way of just throwing us a curve ball once in awhile doesn't it???

Well Ladies I best be looking busy, I have to clean this office but I keep putting it off...maybe today!!!??

Take care love and hugs to you all.

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