Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ok so it's afternoon but it's still Saturday right??

Got a late start today, we went in to The Falls (that's Oconto Falls for non northern Wisconsin people LOL) and met Carin and Miss KBB. Had to pick up a couple things at the Dollar Store and at the Pig (that's Piggly Wiggly, a grocery store LOL) Then over to Scott's house with some things he needed. We had to do this early again as another weekend is here and ... Yup more snow is falling!!! Not sure how much this time, they haven't given this one a name so should be maybe 3 inches. Then we will get freezing rain and snow mixed on Sunday!!! Oh can you all tell I am way past loving winter and moving on to I Do Not like this Flippin' stuff !!!!!
On another note, Dennis is doing great. No problems with his eye after surgery. He goes the 8Th for a check up and then to order new glasses. He will be all set for maple tree tappin time!! Which if the weather ever does get better should be in about 2 weeks. Oh how I love that first batch, it is always the best one!!! Sticky kitchen floors and all I love it!
Well ladies, I have some odds and ends to do so I best get started, might make a few memories today not sure...but you make some if you get the chance!
As always Ladies..."Fill it to the Brim" and don't let anything or anyone tell you that you shouldn't!!
Love and hugs to you all....Always

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