Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back again

Was just surfing the net and found this folded frame by "Dreams fulfilled" and wanted to see what I could do with it. It had great directions on how to make the pictures look right and waalaa I did it. Yup my heart that's for sure.Love these bubs more than they will ever know!
So how bout them Packers WOW they really plucked those feathers off those Falcons huh??!!
Now we have to sit back and see who beats who today to find out what team they play next. The Bears play the Seahawks (would love to play the Bears) and NY Jets play the Patriots(Zack is a true NY anything fan and so of course he is cheering on the Jets. LOL I saw him when he came home from school the other day and he had a NY Yankee tshirt on and of course his NY Yankee cap. (the one without the opening in the back, cus he knows whats what) He would love to get a chance to go there someday.
Yes ladies I am wrapped back up in my pink snuggie(it is so cold 28 tomorrow and that will be the highest temp for about the next week or so, going to drop to single digits for highs! Am really not liking this flippin weather!!!!!!) and the first football game is coming on so I best be out there paying some attention to it.
Hugs and love to you all Always!!!

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