Saturday, December 4, 2010

A series of questions for you all

1. Did Linda have a hard time with the lights on the tree last year?
2. Did Linda decide to get an artificial, prelit tree on sale after Christmas last year?
3. Did Linda agree with Hubby that the multi colored one(that was not on display, but still in the box was a good idea?
4. Did Linda make Hubby rearrange living room so that taller prelit tree would fit on the other wall?
5. Did Linda and Dennis shampoo carpets and corral puppies to get living room ready?
6. Did Linda have Dennis set up tree two nights ago?
7. Did Hubby plug in lights and he and Linda went "OMG"
8. Did Linda and Hubby decide that LED lights are way BRIGHT?
9. Did Linda and Hubby decide looking at tree for more than 2 minutes could cause you to go blind?
10. Did Linda and Hubby take artificial tree prelit with blinding shades of red, green, yellow and blue down last night?
11. Were Linda and Hubby at local tree grower lot this morning purchasing real tree in the freezing cold?
12. Will Linda be fighting with 750 to 1000 lights on real 7 1/2 foot tree Sunday afternoon?
My friends if you answered YES to all of the above you are winners!!!
OMG who knew that the older LED lights were so bright ( this year they came out with new ones, less glare!! ( oh and for those saying why not just change the lights to the newer ones... well thought about that, then read the fine print " these bulbs are NON-REPLACEABLE")
And so how are your days going??!!
As always dear Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" enjoy the moment and hold it close!

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