Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nothing exciting, just watching the snow fall....

This was taken out our patio door window. A little while back (BS-before snow) I put stickers on the window....snowflakes and words...Now (AS-after snow) I am questioning my sanity!! Why would anyone in their right mind actually invite snow to come!!! We are settled in waiting for what our weatherman with a warped sense of humor has named "Snowstorm Adian" yup that guy is still naming them! We are supposed to get 12 plus inches out of this one and right now a million little snowflakes are falling from the sky and adding up to so many inches on the ground.
Be warned Miss G it is headed your way for like Monday I think. I am going to send a Thank You letter to Miss C for starting this one on it's way! LOL
Our pups are learning to leave the tree alone, of course they still think they have names that end in NO and LEAVE IT! oh it is fun with 5 pups of various sizes laying on the floor, makes for an obstacle course!!
I finally got some of my Christmas cards done and mailed the other day. Found out Sissi Susi shops at the same store cus she bought the same ones LOL
Well it is time for me to at least pretend to be busy so that Hubby has to take the pups outside, Hey I am busy doing something else right!!
Make some memories today my Friends...if it's snowing make an angel( I might be doing that later)
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" sit back, close your eyes and remember!!
Love and hugs to you all!! Always

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