Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank you Miss Gerri for letting me know what day it was...

Sometimes it seems like the days go by way to fast!!! If your waiting for something, well that's a good thing but if not whoa, then it just seems like your losing time way to fast!!
Been a good week, mixed with alittle not so good but could have been worse things thrown in.
We have been working more with the pups. Let me tell you having two pups to train is not is a constant work in progress. Separate they do great, together ... not so good all the time. What one doesn't think of the other will. Told Dear hubby that I will be starting to decorate for the Holidays in a couple weeks and unless he wants to spend them in the shed with the dogs he best be working on some manners with them. And yes, I said it in the nicest tone possible!! You know me, I am sweet, never raise my voice, always so mild hehehehehe!!
Scott and Sam the Man might be over today. When we had that high wind, the tree that Dennis had his homemade tree stand in fell over. So they are going to work on building another one. Hopefully stronger than the last one.
You all know that my son in law Dan (Carin's hubby) is a boiler maker/iron worker, well on Thursday he was working inside one of the boiler stacks and he lost his footing and fell about 15 feet. Carin said he looked like he had been in a bar fight. Scrapes and cuts and bruises. But he is ok and that's the main thing.
Going to talk to Carin later today and remind her to send the trick or treat photos so I can share them with you all. Sam was Buzz Lightyear, Zack I think was a zombie and Miss KBB was a Vampire Bat Princess. LOL.
Well Ladies I am sorry this was short but I have a day to start and I best get with it. Things to do and memories to make, not to mention the bed! LOL
As always my dear sweet friends "Fill it to the Brim" if it spills over and you get alittle on you, well don't worry it will leave a stain on your heart not on your clothes. Promise!!
Hugs and love to you all....Always

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