Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rain, Snow, bad potato salad and recalls....

Yup raining here this morning, wet grey and overcast. Further north they have snow, actually it is about an hour from here. They say maybe by Sunday we could get a couple inches. Hope they are wrong...oh don't get me wrong, I love snow.....on Christmas and when I do not have to drive anywhere. But somehow we seem to get blizzards on days when errands have to be run!!!
Can't wait to see how Mo and Kota react to the white stuff. Should be interesting!!
Picked up some potato salad on Thursday, same kind we always buy, made hamburgers for supper last night and when I tried the salad, I told hubby..
Loving wife- " dear this salad taste funny"
Dear hubby- " taste fine to me" (this coming from a man who has a cast iron stomach)
wife- " well I will try"
Fast forward to today...Wife spending time in bathroom, hubby saying maybe it did taste a bit off, but not that bad!!!
Hey do any of you own a Ford Winstar??? I do!! If you live in what they call "The Salt Belt" then you know it has been recalled for a problem. Minor problem...NO!! The salt from the roads can cause the rear axle to crack and break in half causing the van to ... oh how can I say this..."Have a flippin mind of it's own and decide to cause an accident!!!"I took mine in on Thursday to have it looked at and they called to tell me yup mine had not just cracks but TWO big holes...they could not let me take it off the lot. UNSAFE to DRIVE! But Ford is footing the bill for rental cars..woohoo....I am now driving a 2011 Ford Focus!!! I am in love with this little baby! This thing even has Sirius Sat. Radio!!! Ford has to manufacture the new parts for over 400,000 vans. this could according to them take until March of next year! So until then I be cruzin' in style! LOL Only one is winter and I do not do much cruzin' in the snow, oh why could this not have happened in the summer!!!
Well ladies, I best be gettin' goin', have things to take care of, not sure if I will be making memories as I have floors to scrub and laundry to do!
As always my dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" doesn't matter what it's filled with as long as you enjoy every bit!!
Hugs and love to you all!!

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