Sunday, October 17, 2010

OMG it was a joke for crying out loud!!!

To the poster who left the anonymous comment:
I don't know who you are, you choose not to leave your name.
I don't even know if you are from Ohio.
You didn't have to get your point across by shouting, I am not hard of hearing.
What I do have is a sense of humor, AND Friends in Ohio with a sense of humor GOOD FRIENDS.
OSU Buckeyes are an awesome team, talented and a team to beat. Your not #1 for being anything less than all that.
Wisconsin Badgers are also a good team and they were lucky enough to win that game.
Like I said it is not everyday that a #18 ranked team can beat a #1 ranked team but they did and I along with alot of Wisconsin Badger fans are proud of those guys!
The page was a joke, if you are upset well that's not my problem!! My FRIENDS in Ohio know I was kidding and sorry to tell you .... That's all that matters not you or your comment!!
By the way... Have a great day!!!

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