Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better things to blog about....

Would much rather talk about Kids, Grandkids and puppies than Big 10 ranks!
Sam the Man loved playing in the leaves this year. I remember last year he was not so sure about them! He is growing and changing so fast. I wondered at one time when he would start talking....now I wonder sometimes how to make him stop!! LOL Love you so big Sam!
Speaking of big...the pups are growing too, they are no longer little balls of fur, they are big balls of energy!! Not sure if I told you(brain freeze) but Mo is 35# and Kota is almost 30#. They will be about 80# and 70# when all is said and done!! OY VEY!!!
Carin is doing great in school, we have had to get out more envelops to hold those $1. She is getting more A's than she thought she would. When we told her we were giving her a $1 for every A, she said well maybe at the end we would have enough to buy a 6 pack to celebrate, well at the rate she's going, we might be able to celebrate alot bigger LOL So proud of you Gracie!! I was before too and always will be.
Scott is doing some jobs around the lake they live on. There are alot of big homes on the lake and the "Summer People" hire others to do things like take in docks or fix retaining walls. So Scott is helping with those. He is also one great Dad to Sam. I always said Scott has such a big heart and now Sam is learning to have one too! Love you Scott and so proud of the Dad you are!!
Well ladies it is 7:15 the day stated about an hour ago for me so it is time for another cup of coffee and on to the rest of my list of things to get done.
Have a great one my friends!! Love and hugs!

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