Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The story time bub

Miss KBB was "reading " a bedtime story to her baby, when Widge decided it sounded like a good story so up she hopped. Miss Beira told me she didn't know if she could read to Widge because she only knew puppy talk ... not people talk, but she would try!!!
The last little pup went to his new home last night. A young man from Algoma, who had just been discharged from the service wanted her so much. He will name him Drake and yes he will be loved and have so much fun learning how to retrieve and he will have 10 acres to do it on!! Think it will be a good match!
Now starts the fun part ..... training and working with the two we are keeping.
Take care ladies, one of these days things will return to some type of normalcy!!
Hugs to you all

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