Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh for sure it is not Saturday morning...

but here I am anyway. I didn't want you all to go into withdrawal LOL.
Been busy but getting better. Sleep is happening alittle more often and I even managed to make some pages and work on Miss J's blog. (I know how much the 4Th means to her and wanted to get something up there for her) hope you like it Judy.
So are you all having get togethers on the 4Th? We went over by Scott and Holly for a bite to eat and to see some friends of Scott's that have come up for the weekend. It was nice to get away for a bit. Of course going over there also meant having Sam the Man come home with us. Yup!! As if I don't have a full plate,oh well Grandma's always seem to find room and time!! Plus he loves looking at the puppies, he knows he cant touch them yet, he tells me they are just babies and he only touches them with one finger, and then smiles so big!!
They sure are growing, they have more than doubled in size, and they are starting to try and walk...picture tiny little polar bears ( that's the only shape I can think of) who have been drinking!! They tend to wobble and fall down alot! I will try and get a video one of these days.
Well ladies, I best be getting myself ready for bed, dogs go out for the last time and Widge feeds her babies soon. Hope you have time this weekend to make some memories, you will be glad you did.
As always " Fill it to the Brim" if alittle bit goes over the edges, then count it as a blessing.
Hugs and love to each of you always!!!!!!
Happy 4Th to you (happy Canada Day to Miss C, alittle late)

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