Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can I go by just me....

That's what Sam asked LOL Not yet Bub.... but I am sure it won't be long. Took this photo about a month and a half ago... can you tell I am behind in a few things!!!
Sam the Man spent the night and he was so good. Daddy and Mommy don't understand how I can get him to do certain things and they can't....must be the water hehehehehe!!!
Scott is coming over to pick him up in a bit and to help Dennis move the dining room table into the office....why you ask....well to be honest we very seldom eat at the table since it is just me and hubby, so table is being replaced by puppy pen. Nice one, I saw it on line and they wanted like over $200 Saw the same one on ebay, bid on it and got it for $64.99, shipping was really cheap too. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. This way the pups can be out here, with all the normal (and sometimes not normal) sounds of our house. Oh yes should be living on a farm!!!!!!
Ok time to make some lunch, so take care all!!!
credits- "time for dad" freebie qp by Linda Cumberland

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