Monday, July 19, 2010

No more baby girl, no more toddler....

Today was Miss KBB's 4Th birthday so Mommy took her for a total princess day. She has never had her haircut (Nope not once!!) So it was long, really long. Keira had said she would get her haircut before she went to 4K and she goes in September. Mommy told her about Locks of Love and Keira donated 12 inches of her hair to them so that a little girl with no hair could have some of hers. Not bad thinking for a 4 year old!!
Her and Mommy spent the day together, they went shopping for school clothes and had lunch, the haircut and Miss KBB now has pierced ears!!!! Yup (will post pics of that later) she picked out shiny flower earrings. OMG where did our little baby go!!!
As Mommy says about Keira..."She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips" in other words she is Miss Princess KBB!!! LOL
Happy birthday baby girl, I love you to the moon a million zillion times and back again!!!

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